Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This week has been pretty busy--maybe not so much busy as me being pretty tired.
Daddy came home Saturday. The kids were ecstatic to see their Dad.
My birthday was Sunday. It was calm and uneventful and involved naps for me. Just the way I like my birthdays. We did celebrate with cake and dinner later that evening.
The last two days I have been pretty tired and worn down (hence lack of posts). Probably my body is just recouping from being on "single" duty for the last two weeks. Also I am sure being pregnant has something to do with the tiredness. Granted there are pregnant women who are on "single" duty for way more than two weeks and I have much appreciation and respect for those women.
Yesterday we had major storms in Oklahoma. The storm passed right over Tinker but we were in shelter. Though there was debris all over Tinker, from what I could tell most major property was unharmed. The kids were actually at a friend's house. They went to the hospital just down the street and stayed in the basement conference rooms at the hospital. They probably were safer and more comfortable than Adam, I, and Jake (the dog) were in our safe room in the garage.
Today we have some errands to run and a lunch date with Daddy. Adam had his PT test today and he passed. We are celebrating with Qdoba: Adam's and Asher's favorite restaurant.
I am feeling a bit better today. The kids spent the night at our friend's house so I was able to sleep in until 9:00. So funny how when I was without kids I would have considered waking up at 9:00 early--now that I am a parent it totally counts as sleeping in.
I will try to put up another post with pictures tonight. I just thought I should do a quick update so you know we are still alive and well.

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