Saturday, May 7, 2011


So here it is: MY BLOG!!!! Ladies and gentlemen please save your excitement. OK maybe a blog written by me is not so exciting because there are thousands of other far more interesting blogs. This blog won't teach you how to do super crafts, be a perfect housewife, a great homeschooling mother, or a gourmet chef. As most of you know I am none of these things. I have created this blog as the "sequel" to my Caringbridge site. Though I truly appreciate Caringbridge and all of our followers I feel that we have outgrown the site (hence why there hasn't been a posting in almost a year). Yet I know there are people who are still interested in the boys welfare and would like to continue to watch the boys grow. So I am offering this blog as a small glimpse into our simple, crazy, messy, wonderful life for those who are still invested in our family.
In this blog I will gush and brag about my children. I will tell you about the cute things they have done and maybe a few not so cute choices they have made. But I will also use this place to share anything about my family and my life. So this means the following could be included:
                fun recipes, crochet patterns, or other crafts I come upon,
                and anything else I might want to discourse about. 
               Granted the majority will be about my little family.
I hope there might be a few (if only a handful) that will enjoy reading what I have to offer.
Love to all,

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  1. glad to "hear" from you. I'm a follower of your precious family. Your boys have grown so much and I know that you are so proud of them. I'll be checking back in on you.