Monday, September 19, 2011

Bethany Hope Misner!

I am proud to introduce our little princess: Bethany Hope Misner. She was born September 5th, 2011 at 10:51am. She was 7lbs5oz and 21 and 1/2inches. We joke that she had to come out outdoing her brothers from the start. She beat them both in weight, length, and in how much hair she has. Though people comment on how small she looks for Adam and I she is big! 
The delivery went really well. I checked in at OU Children's Medical Center at 6:30. They put the contraction belt around me and told me that I am contracting two mins. apart. I had no clue! I barely felt anything! When the Dr. came in he said that it must be destined to be her birthday because if I were going to deliver her by labor she would probably come that day too. 
I was scheduled to go in at 8:30am but I was pushed back due to an emergency c-section. We did find out that that baby was rushed to the NICU. So prayers for the anonymous family is appreciated.
But once it was my turn it happened rather fast and Bethany was here with in minutes. Yet not before the Dr. made a joke about how I had to be pregnant during the hottest summer in history and I delivered on the very first day it cooled down. He said I had nice timing. The Dr. only thinks he's funny! :)
I was very blessed to have my Aunt and Uncle in town (they are what I consider to be my parental units). They did a great job of taking care of their Grandsons so Adam and I could focus on Bethany. It was also amazing to have them here at her birth. My Aunt fed Bethany her first bottle. A privilege that I would only give up easily to her.   
Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. This delivery was the smoothest of all of them. It went so well. 
I know you all have been anxiously awaiting pictures and updates and I am sorry for delays. I know that I am bad at it--but right now I am taking each day at a time. 
Love to you all,
Our first picture of the Princess.

Daddy and Bethany minutes after her birth.

First photo with Mom and Dad! I am still on the operating table being worked on!
Bethany in her church outfit for her first day of church (which was this last Sunday).
There are way more photos. But right now my kids sound like they are tearing up downstairs and I have to get started on Asher's school. But I will try to post again soon. Oh by the way both boys loove their sister and are very good to her.