Thursday, May 19, 2011

Asher aka Kindergarten Boy!

I can't believe it. Asher is officially done with PreK. Where did the time go?
Yesterday was the last day of school. Asher's class had an end of the year party complete with bouncers. 
Asher loooved the bouncers. The bouncer attendants were worried about Asher climbing up the bouncers due to his size. They didn't know Asher is bigger than he looks. After one time through the attendants realized they had nothing to worry about! 
We did have one little incident. As Asher was going through one of the obstacle course bouncers (a little slowly) a friend came behind him and said, "Hurry up little Asher." Asher didn't seem to notice his friend's comment at the time. After he got off the bouncer we went to another one. There he started to cry. I asked what was wrong. He said, "My friend called me little Asher. I am not little. I am a big Asher. Right Mom?" It broke my heart. I said, "Of course Asher. You are a big boy." He smiled and continued on his way, as happy as ever.
Ms. King and Ms. Melton
After the bouncers we went to his classroom party. Asher enjoyed juice, chips, and a whole bunch of goodies. It was a very fun day. 
Now I have a Kindergartner. Ish. :)

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