Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Boys' Birthday Randomness

I had some pictures from the boys' birthdays I thought would be fun to share.
Presents Grammy Denise and Papa Rob sent the boys.  

Asher loooves children's praise music. 

Blanket Grammy Denise made Caleb for his new bed. Grammy made us lots of nice bedding for both of the boys new beds.

Every time that week I tried to take a picture, Caleb had to show off a body part. Here he is trying to open his present and show us his foot.

We made a May birthday cake for all three of our birthdays. Our friends Illana and Melissa enjoyed the cake with us.
Yummy cake!!!!
Thomas tracks and trains Asher bought with his birthday money from Great Gram at a MOPS garage sale. 
The children and the dog enjoying the track. Thanks Tony for putting the tracks together for the boys!!!!
After a long day of birthday fun, Caleb passed out among the Thomas bean bag and train tracks we got at a MOPS garage sale. And just to note: Grammy Denise made the Thomas pillow case his legs are on.
Hope you enjoyed!!!

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