Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tuesday's Storm--Prayers for Hamil Family

Over the last few days after the storm I had an increase in visits to this site. It just now dawned on me that some of you may have been checking up on us to see how we were. As I have already responded--we were fine. We were safe. But over the last few days I have realized how close those tornadoes were to us--and how it could have been us who have lost everything.
I think of the Hamil family who have lost EVERYTHING!!! By everything I mean the lives of their two little boys. One of the boys was ripped out of his mother's arms by the storm and they were unable to find his body until a few days after. I broke into tears as I heard their story. I have two boys in similar age. How would I have felt if one of my sons were torn out of my arms and I could do nothing but hear his screams?
I pray for this family. They have much healing to do--physically and emotionally. Though they will never be fully healed again. They have a five year old daughter who was still in the hospital last time I heard. The mother (who is pregnant with a girl) in also in the hospital.  Their house was destroyed. Worse of all they lost two sons that day.
I am tired of talking. I am tired of praying. I feel like I need to do something. But in the midst of my own life it is hard to turn the talking into walking. Adam and I will have a discussion today on what we can do to help either the Hamil family or other victims of the storm. May not be much--but I am just tired of talking. I was moved the other day when I saw one of my Facebook friends who made cookies for the victims of Piedmont. What an amazing gesture. I guess it doesn't have to be much--just something.
There is a Facebook page titled Shower of Hope Oklahoma--Hamil Family. If you like that page there is information on how you can donate either items or money to this family. Not only do they have to try to rebuild everything they need to prepare for a new baby.
My prayers will be with this family and other families who are coping with the damage the recent storms have brought to their lives. I am not sure why we were spared--but I know it could have been us.
Hamil Family

The link below is a link for donating to the Hamil Family online. Their is also an address to a bank if one wishes not to donate online.

Love and blessings,

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  1. I feel the same way - like I should be doing something more than just praying. I used to volunteer for the Red Cross and they do so much amazing work - even just helping in the call center I felt like I was helping people who were in need. Now I don't live in OKC anymore and I don't volunteer with the Red Cross anymore (for now), so I feel so useless and helpless.

    I have also been praying for this family - I can't imagine what they have gone through . . .