Sunday, May 29, 2011

Asher's Thoughtfulness

Last Sunday was my birthday. Daddy took Asher to the store so he could choose a gift and card for me. Adam says that when they got to the store he asked Asher what they should get me. Asher told Daddy that I like angels. Which Asher is correct, I collect Willow Tree Angels. Adam took Asher to the Willow Tree section and Asher picked out an angel for me.

 Asher later told me that the boy is him and the dog is Jake (our dog) and they are playing. I was amazed at how thoughtful Asher was. He first remembered that I liked Angels and then choose an Angel that had meaning. 
After they picked out the gift, Adam took Asher to the card section. This is the card Asher choose for me.

Some of you might know--I HATE Sponge Bob. But over the years it has become a joke between Asher and I. Even when Asher was just three years old he would purposely point Sponge Bob out for me to respond, "Yucky, Sponge Bob, gross." We would both laugh hysterically. As you can tell this joke has continued on. On my birthday I opened my card and there was Sponge Bob. Worse yet you open it up and it SINGS!!! Asher had the biggest smile on his face. Even though I HATE Sponge Bob--I looove the card!!!! 
I was impressed with his thoughtfulness this birthday. He actually not only remembered what I liked but he was smart enough to continue on with a long standing joke. I am impressed with my five year old! :) (Just to note: Adam ensured me that he did not help Asher choose the card or angel at all--it was all Asher's idea)   


  1. What a sweet, thoughtful boy! I still can't believe he is five. I remember reading his caringbridge site after he was born!

  2. That is so sweet! What a tender hearted and sweet spirited boy! :)

    And Happy Belated Birthday! :)

  3. how sweet. can't believe he is five already. been following him since he was born.
    Happy belated birthday!!