Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Caleb

So for awhile now Caleb has been crawling out of his crib. It first started before Christmas but he only did it once or twice--so we decided to wait before we put him in a toddler bed. Well about a month ago it became an every day event. We realized that it was time for the "big boy" bed.
Bedtime is still challenging. The second we put him in his bed he runs out of the room crying. Even after our consistent bed time routine. We then shut the door and let him cry. But no fear, he only cries for about five minuets and then fall asleep.
But where does he fall asleep? Is it in his new and very awesome toddler bed? NO. It is always in Asher's bed. Sometimes Caleb will even bring his blanket and pillow over to Asher's bed. We put Asher to bed after Caleb so lately Asher has been sleeping in Caleb's bed. I have been too afraid that I will wake Caleb if I move him since he is such a light sleeper. In a few weeks we are going to put Asher in a twin bed and throw away his toddler bed (since it is falling apart). We will see what happens then.
Caleb's untouched bed.

Asher's bed. Notice the Thomas.
I think it is because Caleb has an attachment to Asher. He knows that the bed is Bubba's and you can even hear him in the room before he goes to sleep saying, "Bubba, Bubba." What a fun story to tell them later. 

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