Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caleb is the Big 2!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb!!!!!

In honor of Caleb's birthday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He enjoyed them immensely.

Caleb is saying, "head" in this picture. Lately when I take a picture he points to a body part and names it instead of saying, "cheese."
Because Caleb loves trucks I thought it would be fun to go to the Touch-A-Truck fundraiser event they had at UCO today for his birthday. There were over 65 trucks/vehicles there of all shapes and sizes. They even had a helicopter the kids could sit in.
Caleb checking out a police car.
Mylie and Caleb looking at the fire truck. (Mylie, Tony, and her baby Lucy us from Tulsa for part of the weekend)
Asher gearing up in a "real" fireman's suit.
Lucy and Tony checking out the fire truck.

This evening I gave Caleb a few more birthday gifts. We celebrated both Asher and Caleb's birthday last Friday before Dad left. I still didn't want Caleb's day to go unnoticed, so I saved a few small gifts for him to open today. 
 Caleb seemed to enjoy his day. Periodically he would look at me and say, "two, two." 
Asher was excited for Caleb and told all who would listen that his brother was, "a real two today." Asher didn't even get jealous when it was time for Caleb to open his gifts.
What a special day Caleb's 2nd birthday was.

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  1. What a fun day! Touch a Truck is a perfect way to celebrate!