Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Found!!!

Before Christmas I lost my wedding band. You can not imagine the guilt I felt. I thought I had placed it in its normal spot in my room. I looked everywhere and could not find the ring. After a few months of it missing I had determined that somehow I forever lost my ring inside my own house. I felt like the worse wife ever.
Well the other day I was at my friend's house discussing my ring and how I would like a new band for my anniversary. She then said, "Oh I have your ring." I looked at her stunned. 
Apparently, before Christmas when they were visiting, her daughter wondered in my room and took my ring. I guess she thought it was pretty. She wore the ring home. Her mother saw her wearing the ring and put it up in the bathroom cabinet. Apparently she forgot she even had the ring until I mentioned it the other day. 
No matter what happened I am just very happy to be reunited with my wedding band. I no longer feel very guilty. Yet, I have learned that when we have little visitors over I need to keep my room door SHUT!
 Told you my life was messy! :) 
Praise God for keeping my band safe and helping me to find it! :) 

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