Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chunky Monkey is FIVE!!!!!

On the morning of his birthday Asher asked, "Am I five now?" I answered in disbelief, "Yes, Asher you are five." He gave a gigantic smile then giggled and said, "Yay!!!!" All day any person that encountered us would learn that Asher was indeed five.
As I have said repeatedly over the last few days--I CANNOT believe he is five. Five years did not come easily to us. Still we made it in one piece and he is doing better than ANYONE could imagine. It is God who gets the glory for this amazing miracle that is Asher.
OK so I am done with the gushing. Now onto the details of this historic day.
The actual day of the birthday was really not all that exciting. Since Daddy was not going to be in town for either of the boys birthdays we mainly celebrated on Friday. We had a birthday dinner at Qdoba and then continued the celebration with cake, presents, and balloons at home. Asher was very adamant about the balloons. He wanted balloons in every room of the house. I told him I would take him and his brother to Dollar Tree where they could each choose one balloon. Asher was content with that conclusion. That night Asher was very excited to receive a matching Cars scooter and helmet for his main birthday gift. The day ended with Asher saying, "This was the best day ever."
Asher and his new scooter. He really is more excited than he looks.
 Even though we celebrated on Friday I still wanted to do something to honor the day. We woke up in the morning and went to donuts. We then went to Toys R Us where he was able to choose one toy (he had a gift card). He was elated when he found a very nifty Thomas the Tank Engine track set within his budget (it was on clearance). 
Playing with his new train. It actually has tracks too.
That afternoon we brought cookies to school in honor of his birthday. He was VERY excited that his class was going to sing Happy Birthday to him. He wanted all the kids to hide under their desks and surprise him, but I told him I didn't think that was going to happen.
After school we had an elaborate meal of chicken nuggets and rice with veggies (one of his favorite dinners). Once they had both cleared their plates, Asher was given one more birthday gift: a Thomas blanket.

Snuggled up with the new blanket.
We will have a birthday party with friends on the first or second weekend in June for both Asher and Caleb. We are planning a "splash" party. Asher is already making detailed plans for the party. It should be the "event" of the year. Alright, probably not---but Asher and Caleb will have a good time.
Even though yesterday was a simple day it was nice. Asher seemed content throughout the whole day. I think he is just excited to finally be five.
Tonight he told his friend he was five. She said, "No your not." He ran to me and said, "Mom, am I five?" I reassured him he really was five. He smiled ran back to his friend and said, "I am too five." I heard her say, "Oh." How cute.
Asher loves his train so much that he was starting to go to sleep with the toy. 
This concludes the events of our exciting day. There will be more details to come in June after the grand splash party that we are planning.
I am sorry on posting so late tonight. Today was a very busy day. Yet I am not complaining. Time seems to go by so slow when Adam is gone, so I enjoy days that speed by with busyness.



  1. Sounds like an awesome day!! I'm still in disbelief when my birthday comes around too!

  2. I cannot believe he is five. How did that happen? I started following your caringbridge blog when he was just a baby! I am glad you started this. I had often wondered how you were doing!

  3. I love how you spread out the presents! We might have to do that in future years. :)