Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am sooooooooooo sorry!

I can't believe it has almost been a month since I have last posted. In no way did I intend to wait so long. I had fully intended to post as soon as our trip was over. I did have hopes of posting while on the trip but I was so busy and didn't always have Internet accesses that those hopes were quickly diminished. When I got home I was EXHAUSTED and I think I was fighting a bug. Anyway I am just now starting to get my normal (or normal for being pregnant) energy back.  I spent most days last week just crawling through the day and going straight to bed after the children. Anyway enough excuses. Again I am sorry for the delayed posting. I will try not to let it go that long again.
Now I will work on a post with some vacation pictures of the kiddos.

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