Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daddy's Home!!!

Daddy had to go away for work last week. He was gone only four nights but for the kids it does not matter if it is four nights or forty--they miss their Dad the same. We went to pick up Daddy from the airport on Friday. Before we went to get him Asher wanted to prepare a cake and get balloons for a mini welcome home party. Here are some pictures of the welcome home fun.

On our way out the door to pickup Daddy from the Airport on Friday.

Asher is very excited to see his Dad.

Asher is giving Daddy his "Welcome home" balloons.

Though, we made the cake before Daddy came home Asher wanted to wait to frost the cake with Daddy.

Daddy Let them each have a taste of the frosting.

Here is the finished product. We used our leftover sprinkles, hence why it has both Christmas and Valentines sprinkles on the cake.

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