Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation in Photos--Part 2--Water Play

The kids did a lot of water play in their Aunties back yard during our vacation. Here are some pictures of all that fun:
Caleb is using Jen as a slide into the pool.

They were buddies this summer. They even took a nap together. :)

Auntie Bekah acted as the life guard.

Asher getting brave and trying to put his face in the water. Which is a big milestone for him.

Actually the fact that he has his whole body in the water like that is a big milestone for him (due to his sensory issues).

Here he goes--trying to put his face in the water! :)

Caleb needed a break and decided to go driving around the yard instead.

Here's Caleb doing what brother is doing. He likes to imitate brother as much as he can.

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