Friday, July 22, 2011

Bethany's New Shoes

Today I bought Bethany a pair of shoes. Not only are they SUPER CUTE but they were a GREAT DEAL. As some of you know I just looove good deals, so I have to brag! The shoes I got were Robeez and I only paid a whopping 9.59 for them. is having a sale on their Robeez shoes that includes free shipping. Plus if you use promo code: xtra20 you get an extra 20 percent off. Hence my 9.59 super cute baby shoes. 
They had butterfly shoes (which I looove butterflies and I am trying to decorate her room in butterflies) but something about these shoes tugged at my heart just a little more---so I sadly passed up the butterfly shoes and got these. Really with how cheap they are I could have bought them both--but I am trying to be good with our money. Anyway enough ranting about the great deal. Here is a picture of them:

I am so excitied to put Bethany in these shoes. She will be here in less than six weeks. I am ready to meet my little girl. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the great deal. I had to order my daughter the butterfly shoes since I also love butterflies!

  2. I enjoyed reading all the recent postings and I enjoyed the pictures from you're vacation. I like the shoes you got for bethany they are really cute.