Monday, August 8, 2011

Preparing for Bethany's Arrival

I can not believe Bethany will be here in less than a month! I have organized some of her clothes and started buying some items for her (pictures and details will be at the end of the post). But we still have so much we need to get done. I need to wash her clothes, set up her bed, and her dresser. Not to mention I feel the need to deep clean and organize the house before she arrives. 
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB. I am hoping we will be able to nail down a c-section date. Right now it's teetering between the 5th (which is Labor Day) and the 6th. Bethany, of course, could decide to come early. Yet I am somewhat doubtful that that will happen because I have not been having any contractions or signs of labor. Yet I know when she does decide to come--it could be fast. 
My Aunt and Uncle (like my parents) are coming out for her birth. I am very excited that they will be here to share in this very neat moment. Asher and Caleb are both very excited that their Grandparents are coming.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Church is throwing me a shower on Saturday. That will be very fun. I had a lot of fun registering at Target for baby girl stuff. I love raising boys, but I am excited about all the pinks and purples.
Speaking of purple, Denise, my Mother-in-Law, made Bethany gorgeous purple baby bedding. She made a complete set with sheets, comforter, bumper, and crib skirt. It is a very beautiful purple gingham and very soft. 
It's been fun collecting items for Bethany and getting ready for her arrival. The baby bedding Denise sent me just got me started preparing for Bethany. This weekend I bought Bethany's take home outfit. I just love the purple and the ruffle butt. I now just need to get a purple hat or headband to match the outfit.

Another item I bought for Bethany was a purple Bumbo seat. It was on the Tinker Seek and Find Facebook classified ads page. I couldn't believe what a good deal it was. It was only five dollars. I know she won't use it for awhile, but I could not pass up such a great deal. Plus it's PURPLE!!! As you can tell I have quite a love for purple. I also enjoy pink, but purple makes my heart jump!

I know this post has been a little rambling and disorganized but there is so much to talk about. Just think in a few weeks instead of pictures of Bethany's things there will be pictures of Bethany!!! Yay!!!
Love to you all,

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