Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Auntie Bekah's Gifts for Bethany and the Boys

Auntie Rebekah is especially excitied for Bethany to come. She has been wanting a niece for almost as long as we have been wanting a daughter. Bethany's middle name will be Hope, which is Auntie Bekah's middle name. I promised Rebekah when we were little girls that if I were to ever have a daughter I would give my daughter her middle name. I am excitied I can finally fulfill the promise.
When we visited her in Chicago last month she gave me these shirts she bought for Bethany. We were both VERY excitied by the purple Eeyore onesies. I love Eeyore and I love purple so the onesies are the perfect item for a daughter of mine.
Auntie Bekah also bought "Big Brother" shirts for both of the boys and a little sister onesie for Bethany. I am saving the shirts for the boys to the hospital when they come to meet their little sister. I can't wait for them to meet her. We will have to get pictures of all three of them in their shirts together.
Thank you so much Auntie Bekah for spoiling your Niece and Nephews. We love you!!!!

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