Friday, June 3, 2011

Bethany's Cute Outfits and Trust in the Lord!!!

When I was pregnant with Caleb I was nervous. I was afraid we were going to have a repeat of the previous two pregnancies. I was so nervous in fact that I became superstitious and I was very careful not to "jinx" the pregnancy (totally not putting faith in God by the way). I would not buy anything for him until later in the pregnancy. I talk about Caleb's arrival as if it was only a possibility. I would say, "If the baby comes..." The further past 24 weeks I moved the more I loosened up. I also realized that living in fear was not living in faith. I eventually chose to trust God and not my superstitious inclinations and fear.
With Bethany it is different. I am saying, "When Bethany arrives..." I am trusting that God will do a good work regardless of what the outcome of the pregnancy. I know with the Lord I have nothing to fear. Due to this, I have already collected a box of clothes for her. Granted the box of clothes is mainly due to the generosity of friends and family who could not help picking up clothes for a girl. After five years of buying boy clothes I think most everyone in my support circle is excitied to be buying pink dresses. I have only bought her a few cute outfits that were on major clearance. Mainly because I am cheap. Also most stores mainly have summer clothes out right now. As Bethany will be born mainly in the fall we need mainly fall clothes. I also know that even the sleep and plays that are out now will most likely go on clearance before Bethany is born. See, I am cheap. 
So in celebration of my new found peace, here are a few photos of some of Bethany's outfit (also also a stuffed animal I picked up). I looove everything has been given to her. All of the clothes are just too cute. Yet if I were to post everything you might all get bored. So I thought I would share a few items I particularly loove. 
Here is what we have been blessed with so far. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Thank you Mylie for the VERY cute monkey sleep and play. She will look beautiful in her outfit. I also like the other cute outfits you got her! Thanks again!

Grami Denise got Bethany a whole bunch of cute onesies. I particularly loove these Little Sister onesies. Especially the pink and brown one. I loove anything pink and brown.

This has to be my most favorite outfit. I loove the purple and the beautiful purple design. I told my mother-in-law (who bought this for Bethany) that I wish this same design came in diaper bags, curtains, bedding, wall hangings, etc; See how much I loove it!

It even has a ruffle bottom!!! As Adam will testify, I loove ruffle bottoms. He doesn't understand.

This three piece outfit I bought on clearance at Walmart for 1.00. That's right folks! One buck! The fact that it is purple only makes the outfit better. Purple is my favorite color. I also picked up two more three piece outfits for a dollar at Walmart. One of the outfits had Bambi on it and the other adorns Minnie Mouse. Both outfits are purple.

Now isn't this the most darling thing you have ever seen? I am almost inclined to make this her hospital take home outfit. Yet it might be a little much. I still can't wait to put her in this! Thanks Grami Denise.
Here is the cutest pink and brown giraffe I bought for Bethany at JC Penny. It plays music!

 Thank you for indulging me and letting me show off all the cute things for Bethany. Adam does not understand what the excitement is about. He keeps saying, "I am a guy. We don't care about dresses and ruffle bottoms." Well good thing I have a blog family that will at least indulge me in my excitement. Yet in fairness to Adam he still doesn't mind if I show him the clothes--he just doesn't get very excited.


  1. pink and brown and ruffle butts are the best!!! Adam, PRETEND to get it, and care. As my husband says, "happy wife, happy life!!"

  2. Those are really cute outfits! I really love the purple one that is your favorite. Sophie had a very similar outfit.

    Although I cannot relate to the depth of what you have been through, I have been nervous about this pregnancy. I try to say "Lord willing . . ." a lot, but I do have doubts. Thank you for reminding me that living in fear is not living in the Lord. :)

  3. The clothes are adorable and will be even more adorable when Bethany is in them!!!

  4. the clothes are adorable. i remember when my niece was born i was sooo happy to buy girl things. my sisters first born was a boy.