Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Favorite Show!

Once Upon A Time is soo great! It totally captures the imagination, keeps you guessing, stimulates the mind, and reminds us Princesses at heart that it is okay to believe in fairy-tales. Also since it is made by the creators of Lost there are a lot of Lost connections. Though I do not catch them because I have only seen the first season of Lost. There are also connections between Once Upon a Time and the classic Disney fairy-tales. I think it is so much fun to guess who is what storybook character and to look up information about other fun little "Easter eggs" that the producers have hidden in the show. If you are all about that like me--here's the link for you:
If this sounds like a fun show you can get other information and start watching the shows--here.
And before anyone asks--no I am not getting paid for this endorsement (sillies). I just think it is a swell show. I love how this show perfectly blends fairy-tales from my childhood and remakes it into something that intrigues my adult (or somewhat adult) intellect.
Also it is fairly clean. I definitely think it is cleaner than most shows out there. Though due to the evil queen it is a little bit dark in nature (a curse and such). Just to be safe I watch this after my kiddos have gone to bed. 

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